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Referee Gear



Top Tier Football Referee Gear, From Veto Sports

Step onto the field with the confidence and authority that comes with impeccable football referee gear, thanks to Veto Sports! Whether you’re officiating a high-stakes championship game or managing a friendly neighbourhood match, our premium referee apparel ensures you’re dressed for success.

Our referee equipment includes essentials such as record books, polo shirts, shorts, whistles, cards, kit bags and much more. Each of our products are designed with quality in mind, so they can keep up with you while you’re running the field, court, or just about anywhere.

Everything Your Referee Kit Needs, Online

Shop from the comfort of your own home 24/7 and enjoy unrivalled quality from Veto Sports. Whether you’re chasing a referee jersey, a whistle, score cards, or a new pair of comfy socks, or any football referee gear – Veto Sports has got you covered.

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