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Stock Up On Essential Sports Socks

In the world of sports, socks go beyond being essential accessories: they add to comfort and performance, and as a result, Veto Sports has designed a range of sports socks that are ideal for everyday wear, training, and gameplay. We quite fancy our own TRIGRIP socks, which are designed to be high-performance accessories. Featuring grip bases, these socks reduce foot movement within your shoes and lessen the likelihood of blisters, making for a more comfortable game for you.

Designed to pair perfectly with our stock jerseys, shorts and more, we also carry performance sleeves to prevent the need for cutting long socks made of tight, elasticised fabric. Kit out the team in a huge rage of colours – whether it be blue, grey, black, yellow, maroon, white, and much more – and bring a professional look to your team’s style.

Whether you want to step into a pair of grip socks, or something with cushioned arch support, Veto Sports has the gear to get your team moving.


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